Guidance Grade 8 Transition to High School

Guidance Grade 8 Transition to High School 

Dear Parents and Students,

We have included some helpful information that will assist in guiding your child on the proper path for high school course selections. Please read over the criteria of the course levels and select the stream that BEST suits your child for success.

Breakdown of Course Pathways Courtesy of Medway H.S.





The provided profiles for Locally Developed, Applied and Academic give a wonderful overview of the necessary achievement level that your child needs as well as what will be expected of them as courses are in progress. It is our hope that students honestly reflect on their abilities and achievement to determine the pathway that will provide not only a challenge, but that will also allow for their greatest success.

If you are looking for more information regarding Enrichment opportunities, Special Education Resources, Developmental Classes, ESL and specialized programs offered by specific high schools, you are encouraged to contact Ms. Valerie Bird our Learning Support Specialist (LST) and Mrs. Julie Ruberto our Guidance Lead Teacher.

 Common Questions:

Q:How will my child register?
A: Course selections are completed on myblueprint. Once High Schools have opened up their Course Selections (in January), students can make their choices. Additional paperwork may be required depending on the school they choose.

Q:What is the deadline for course selections for 2018-2019 school year?
A: February 15th for all Grade 8’s Tech Emphasis/Out of Area Deadline. Friday February 22 is the absolute last day for all remaining students. 

Q: If my child takes applied courses, will they close doors for University?
A: Not necessarily. If your child is interested in University, English must be taken at the Advanced Level, all other courses can be looked at with a Guidance Counsellor.

Q: I wasn’t on the student tour, and I want to see the school my child is interested in. How do I do that?
A: Many high schools have an OPEN HOUSE on a select night in the winter for students and parents in the evening. We will share these dates with students so you are aware, but you can also contact our school as well as the high schools to find out when these are offered.

Q: If my child has SEA equipment, will it travel to their next school?
A: In short, yes, any additional equipment that has been approved by the board will continue, provided they are staying within Thames Valley District School Board.

Q: Will my child keep their Google Account (i.e. GAFE - Drive, Gmail etc.) once they transfer to high school?
A: Yes, provided that they stay within Thames Valley District School Board. Student Google Accounts are property of TVDSB.

Q: If my child wants to get ahead with courses, can they take a course over the summer?
A: Yes. Courses are not yet available for 2019 summer, but classes would be for the full month of July from Monday to Friday. Class time is from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. It is the expectation that students can be driven to the school hosting the course. No transportation will be provided. Last summer courses that were offered included Canadian Geography, English, Mathematics and Science for both Applied and Academic in all subjects listed. There is also an opportunity for eLearning Courses, but Grade 9 courses will be determined in the next few months. 

Q: Will my child have to write EQAO in high school?
A: Yes, in Grade 9 students write EQAO for math, and a portion of assessment will be used in a student’s final grade. In grade 10, students will write the Literacy EQAO. Students need to pass this test in order to graduate from high school.