Code of Conduct

 Stoney Creek Public School Code of Behaviour

All stakeholders follow the Thames Valley District School Board Safe School Policy at all times. The Provincial and School Board Codes of Conduct Memorandum emphasizes that school codes of conduct reinforce that all students, staff and members of the school community have the right be safe and to feel safe and respected in the school community. School codes of conduct focus on prevention and early intervention strategies to address appropriate behaviour and indicate that schools will use progressive discipline as needed to support positive student behaviour. The Code of Conduct and Dress Code is reviewed yearly by Stoney Creek PS. School Council.

All Members of the Stoney Creek Public School Community will:
Show respect and be treated with respect at all times.
Demonstrate respect for school property and the property of others.
Follow school and classroom rules cooperatively at all times.

Specific Expectations
Students will:
Attend regularly, arrive on time, behave appropriately and complete assigned work to the best of their ability
Enter and leave the school through their assigned doors, and walk in the halls in a quiet, orderly manner
Play cooperatively and safely, refraining from acts or threat of violence
Use appropriate language at all times
Remove their hats before entering the school
Keep their hands and their feet to themselves
Keep snow, sticks and stones on the ground
Not use personal electronic devices during instructional time
Refrain from engaging in physical, verbal (oral or written), sexual or psychological abuse; bullying; or discrimination on the basis of race, culture, religion, gender, language disability, sexual orientation or any other attribute.
Not possess “alcohol, illegal drugs, or unless the pupil is a medical cannabis user, cannabis”.

Dress Code
Students will dress in a respectful and "school ready" fashion that is appropriate for the learning environment, including:
Midriffs, underwear, undergarments should not be seen
Shorts, skirts, dresses to be reasonable in length, meaning “short shorts/skirts” are not appropriate for school
Singlets, shoulder tops, muscle type shirts, spaghetti straps (3 finger rule), tank tops and tops that are revealing or exposing are not appropriate for school.
Offensive sayings and or pictures on any clothing should not be worn i.e. beer/alcohol slogans, smoking, drugs, violence, sexual, racial or use of profanity
Hats and visors are not to be worn inside the school
Appropriate footwear should be worn for school. Running shoes are required for gym and dance class.

Action for not following the expectations of the Stoney Creek Code of Conduct may include:
A warning
A time out
An office referral form, letter or telephone call to parents
Loss of privileges
A phone call home
A parent conference
A behavioural contract

We must ensure consistency in our behavioural expectations and consequences for all students.