About Us

Stoney Creek Public School is an exciting place to learn.  It's a place where the staff and parents believe in working together to help our students achieve their personal best. We are looking forward to a truly amazing year. It is tremendously enjoyable to see the excitement in the eyes of our students as they are actively engaged in enriching activities each and every day. We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful group of children at Stoney Creek.

Parents, it is a pleasure getting to know your children. Having parental support and open lines of communication is an essential part of any successful school year. Thank you for supporting your child’s education by being involved. Working together makes a big difference in the success of your child.

Our School Council works diligently all year to support our school goals and to ensure the success of school events. They have been successful in raising funds to support our school, as well as raising spirits and ensuring a strong school community. Fundraising for events such as the Chocolate bar sales and the hot lunch program and organization of events such as Spring Fling, to name but a few activities, has a dramatic impact on the experiences of our children at school. Many of the things we do at Stoney Creek are a direct result of School Council’s efforts. Thank you for always keeping the students at the heart of your decisions!

We also celebrate the many sports, extracurricular activities and special events we are blessed to have here at Stoney Creek. Without the commitment and dedication of each and every member of the Stoney Creek community, these various activities would not be possible. Our staff provide invaluable experiences and opportunities for our students every year.

It is a pleasure to see our students grow and mature throughout the year at Stoney Creek and we are so excited about the upcoming year. Our students will excel in many areas, both within the school and beyond, and we are very proud of them. Have an amazing year Stoney Creek!